Restaurant Le Taverne

Behind the Holiday House you find the characteristic stony structure of the famous Le Taverne Restaurant. Cool and airy, the place is ideal for your refreshment after a day spent in Cilento’s wonderful waters.

Dishes are typical of Cilento; they are rich, tasty, fresh and made with natural products.

Cilento offers a wide range of dishes: the perfect climatic conditions facilitate a flourishing agriculture and the possibility of cultivating cereals, potatoes, legumes and fruits.

These products characterize the famous Mediterranean Diet promoted by the American nutritionist Ancel Keys. He lived for a long time in Cilento studying the lifestyle of the local populations and finding out that they had far lower rates of cardiovascular diseases than others thanks to their eating habits which privilege natural and fresh products.

Among the dainty products offered by Cilento you find the famous chickpeas from Cicerale, Cilento’s extra-virgin olive oil, mozzarella cheese and buffalo meat, biological honey, DOP wines, biological onions from Vatolla, Cilento’s white figs and goat cheese recommended by Slow Food.

At Le Taverne Restaurant these essential ingredients contribute to create unforgettable, natural and tasty dishes.